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Amsterdam beer bike 

Amsterdam stagThe Amsterdam beer bike

I didnt quite believe this one before the images came in but it`s true:- the Amsterdam beer bike is not a myth and can carry from between 8 and 17 passengers and go through 30 litres of beer without refueling:- The beer bike is surprisingly legal and tolerated on the city streets by both police and public:- Amsterdam stag and hen parties alike will find it a particularly satisfying way to appreciate the city sites and temporarily clear the head whilst maybe losing a few Cals along the way.

The beer bike is a self pedalled piece of Dutch genius but you will be relieved to know that it does not come with its own toilet aboard and regular breaks are available along the route as nature calls and as the legs give out amongst the lightweights in the party:- Not a trip for your obese buddy and as for the pedal shy:- the threat of beer confiscation of those caught usually solves the problem:- Proost!

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Beer biking:- Amsterdam style!

Your Amsterdam beer bike experience comes complete with its own pilot/driver:- "Beer bike Bob" is fully qualified and trained to get you around the city in one piece but should the worst happen and you unfortunately die or are injured during this experience you will be mightily relieved to know that your dependents or surviving mates will benefit from the liability insurance that the beer bike operators have in place:- all as a condition of being allowed to operate.

The bike is pretty easy to operate, has adjustable seat saddles, protection against wind and rain and is apparently wheelchair friendly? (tow rope supplied methinks).

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Amsterdam Beer biking:- contact details

For further information on the Amsterdam beer bike including tour start location, availability, costs and online booking etc please contact us via our Contact page

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