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Hen and Stag Parties in Amsterdam


You've just arrived in the city with your Amsterdam Stag and Hen Mates and it's another crazy Amsterdam Party night. The question is:- Do you have what it takes to survive that Amsterdam party? If you and your fellow Amsterdam Stag and Hens have lived a life of drunken debauchery and excess, then the answer is probably YES!....... The rest of you?....... Well it is now time to learn very quickly and catch up!

If you are wondering about what to do with these last few days of singledom, then we are here to help with a bit of advice, and also to point you in the right direction with some very special fun things to do in Amsterdam. Elsewhere, in our "Guide to Amsterdam overview" ( see Main menu) you can read about the top Amsterdam party areas of RembrandtpleinLeidseplein and the Amsterdam Red Light district.

If you are looking for somewhere to chill out, why not give the pretty district of Jordaan a visit? - An interesting and traditional if increasingly trendy area to hang out in, with bars and restaurants to suit. Our guide to Amsterdam also covers some of the best places to eat in Amsterdam with a couple of paragraphs on our home page explaining the current legal position and background to the city`s famous "Coffee" shop scene


Amsterdam Stag:- In some ways Amsterdam is similar to big city UK so don't try to enter the most popular Amsterdam pubs and clubs in group of more than two or three, Watch out for the dress code, Try and appear not to be P....d and don't object to being frisked by the nice Gentlemen ( everybody is). Amsterdam Hen:- none of the foregoing:- you will be OK unless truly Paralytic! Stag and Hen:- remember to carry ID and your hotel address card for when you get lost. Remember that the Dutch like to double up on their vowels ( It's Condooms not condoms):- Stay safe, Have fun, and wear a life jacket.

Here are a few of our best "Things to Do", Amsterdam stag weekend and Amsterdam hen weekend specials -

Shooting in Amsterdam

Amsterdam shooting range

Enjoy yourself and "kill" some time at this popular central Amsterdam shooting range with full supervision, instruction and use of 22mm and 38mm handguns:- Compete against your mates and win a trophy:- for further details click "Amsterdam Gun Club" - "HERE"

Amsterdam go kart

Amsterdam Go Karts

Try go karting Amsterdam style:- your Amsterdam stag mates will have a blast as they roar around this indoor track complete with bar and bowling alley:- Will they keep last nights Amstel down?.....Answers on an unstained post card please....For further details click "Amsterdam Go Kart" - "HERE"


Amsterdam beer bike

Amsterdam beer bike

A fabby piloted and self-pedal powered mobile bar and city tour for up to 17 of your Amsterdam stag or hen mates. Top fun and not quite as hard on the stomach as the Go-karts - Trust me fellow cyclists, getting to wear the yellow(ish)jersey/tea shirt/dress on this trip is not a good thing - Click "HERE" for further information.

The I Amsterdam  city card

The "I Amsterdam" city card

The most popular and affordable way to experience Amsterdam - Free admission to 43 museums - Use of public transport system (GVB trams, buses and underground) -Canal cruise - 25% discount on admission to many popular attractions - 25% discount at participating restaurants and shops! - Our partner "Viator" has full details and online purchase information for the "I Amsterdam" city card. Do you really want to waste your holiday time queueing for expensive tickets? - Get your "I" Card - "HERE"

Amsterdam Stag weekend combo deals

Beer Bike/Bar crawl/Canal hop/Guns/Karting combo deals

The Perfect Ansterdam Stag weekend - Courtesy of these awfully nice people at Damtours ( owners of the famous beer bike fleet) - Discount Stag weekend combo deals available including beerbikes, shooting, gokarts and lots more - check out the Amsterdam stag weekend "COMBO" experience at "Damtours" - "HERE"

Casa Rosso erotic show

Adults only - the "Red light" Casa Rosso erotica show

Not one for the elderly aunt or your mother - Maybe you should consider leaving tham at home? - This is a "5 Star" and strictly Adult only venue and erotica show catering for those wishing to experience the sexually liberated side of Amsterdam - Check out this top all inclusive deal at "City Discovery" - "HERE"

Amsterdam cannabis walking tour

Amsterdam cannabis walking tour

Ever wondered what all the fuss is about? - Here is your chance to find out - Viator have put together an approximate two hour walking tour headed by a local expert who will happily explain the background and workings of the unique Amsterdam "Coffee shop" scene - Your designated expert will be more than happy to answer all questions from the uninitiated and curious - Check out the Viator "Cannabis Tour" -"HERE" (Image by Massimo Catarinella)

Xtra cold ice bar

The "Xtra cold ice bar"

A bar made of ice? - Bar stools made of ice? - Drinks glasses made of ice - I`ve heard of bars where you can be guaranteed a chilly reception by the locals - but this one takes the biscuit - and the locals are friendly! - For more information and some interesting tour "combo" deals involving this venue check out "City Discovery" - "HERE"

Amsterdam red light walking tour

Amsterdam red light walking tour

A very reasonably priced guided walking tour (free drink included) through the famous Amsterdam Red light district. Your local expert will guide you through the narrow streets over an approximate two hour period and discuss the history and current position of Amsterdam`s famously liberal laws on prostitution - For further information on this tour check out "Viator" - "HERE"- An alternative and equally good Red light tour can be found at "City Discovery"- "HERE". (Image by Massimo Catarinella)

Amsterdam wine cruise

Amsterdam wine cruise combo deal

Nude art drawing skills honed to perfection on a fit young naked chap in an artists studio? - Leisurely wine cruise down the old canals with your Amsterdam hen mates?- An infamously crazy bar-crawl around the old town - all combined with even more discount fun? - Welcome to Damtour`s new Amsterdam hen weekend combo deals - For more information visit "Damtours" - "HERE"

Amsterdam Vodka museum

Amsterdam Vodka Museum

Looking to combine some culture and drinking time? It can be done! Here you can experience the "Taste of Russia," Amsterdam style. Find out more about the famous " Amsterdam Vodka Museum" - "HERE"

"The stil life with Absinthe" by Vincent Van Gogh

Replace Vincent Van Gogh`s painting with your own advertisement - A text link here can open a full page detailed description of your business with photographs, Google map/street view locator and contact details

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