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Amsterdam Stag weekendThe Amsterdam "Beer Bike Combo"

These clever people at "Damtours" have done it again - Not just content with running the world famous Amsterdam beer bikes they have decided to offer discounted Amsterdam stag weekend deals involving a combination of every stag`s favourite activities.

"Damtours" will customise your weekend to suit your own preferences - and budget - They will organise Amsterdam "Stagathon" pub crawls, Gun clubbing, Go karting, Watery adventures and some of the sexiest strippers in town for your personal amusement.

For full information please state your combo preferences complete with dates, times and numbers and Email same to "Damtours Combo" - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. They will also be very happy to address any queries that you may have.

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Amsterdam Stag weekend Combo deals - The Agenda!

Nobody gets to be too organised on an Amsterdam Stag weekend , and lets face it getting anything organised, is all about timing....... and dragging any slackers from their pit - On your first full day in the "Dam" the boys will not be fit for anything before a big breakfast late on in the morning. After breakfast it will be along to the Gun club or the Go-kart circuit in plenty of time for that first quiet beer - Now the serious competition begins and of course the compulsory and relentless winding up of the losers, the useless and the damaged from the night before. Come the end of the competition, and hopefully with mighty plastic winning trophy in hand, it will be time to head off for the beerbike trip around the town, avoiding the canals as you go.

If you are all fortunate enough to survive the crazy and totally bizarre beer bike experience, then it will be back to those cheap and cheerful digs to freshen up and prepare for that epic night on the town - Compared to the beerbike Its all happily downhill now and if you stick with Damtours they will help you reach the "Bottom" of that particularly slippery slope with the help of those sexy strippers, and that infamous "Stagathon" bar crawl of theirs - I dont know about you but I cant think of any better way to kick of that Amsterdam Stag weekend!

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Damtours have years of planning and organising group events and holiday trips in Amsterdam - Trust them to organise that big weekend - Dont be afraid to ask for suggestions and advice - they are the local experts after all!

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