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Shopping in Amsterdam is one of the most popular and top things to do for local and visitors alike - Our guide features the most popular Amsterdam shopping areas complete with Google locator maps and Google street view. If shopping in Amsterdam is high on your "Things to do in Amsterdam" list then Bookmark this page today - Internet access from your mobile phone will ensure that you can find your way to, and around the most interesting areas.

The shopping experience in Amsterdam is made substantially easier and more enjoyable, by the progressive and pro-pedestrian policies promoted within the city - if it has one drawback, it is that newcomers to the city, who are unused to the local transport scene, must remain vigilant to the many cyclists, trams and buses etc - It can take a couple of days to acclimatise!

Amsterdam is a fairly compact city and easy to get around - visitors will find that shops are generally open from around about 9 or 10 am until 6 pm, except for Mondays when a half holiday is often taken in the morning - many stores are open for shopping in Amsterdam until 8pm on a Thursday night, but generally close an hour or so early on a Saturday.

For first time visitors to Amsterdam it is natural to flock to the city centre with its plethora of tourist gift shops and the large number of bars and restaurants to choose from. The main areas here comprise - theReguliersbreestraat, the Rembrandtplein, the Leidseplein and of course the famous Dam square - complete with top department store - De Bijekorf. Adjacent Dam square is the Damrak area - a favourite area for the siting of hotels, restaurants and currency exchange facilities.

The Rembrandtplein and The Red Light district are the top areas for the ubiquitous and mildly (by now!) infamous Amsterdam sex shops

By concentrating on the city centre, the visitor to the city will miss out on some of the best and most interesting Amsterdam shopping areas - The following list and descriptions comprise the city`s top seven -

1. Shopping in Amsterdam - "De Negen (9) Straatjes" - The Nine little streets area

When it comes to shopping in Amsterdam the "Nine little streets area" is a huge favourite for visitors and locals alike. A quintessential and unique Amsterdam shopping experience, this picturesque area boasts a perse selection of shops ranging from designer boutiques to speciality shops - all liberally interspersed with interesting little cafes. An excellent way to spend a leisurely morning - Picking your way through the tight little streets you are sure to find that special something to tuck away in the shopping bag.

2. Amsterdam shopping areas - The Jordaan area

Along with the "Nine little streets area" the Jordaan area shares top spot for that unique Amsterdam walking, shopping and laid back cafe culture experience. This traditional and pretty area is interspersed with attractive little canals and boasts a wide variety of arty and very different little shops, boutiques and galleries - Whilst firmly centred in the modern world, the area maintains an aura of "hippy chic" harking back to Amsterdam`s colourful days of the 1960s when it shared the bohemian hippy trail with San Francisco and London.

3. The Spiegelkwartier

The Spiegelkwartier is probably Amsterdam`s premier location for checking out a large number of quality Art galleries whilst antique hunting amongst the myriad of little speciality and general antique shops - Book shops and shops selling Delftware and curios add to the picture. Visit this area centred on the pretty Spiegelskwartier canal and Niewe Spiegelstraat and Kerkstraat - the artist and explorer within you will not be disappointed.

4. The Kalverstraat area

Themed firmly on the 21st century the Kalverstraat area is a pedestrian only location comprising the main street and its adjacent alleyways. This area is perpetually thronged with crowds seeking bargains amongst the many chain stores, both local and international, that are located here. The Kalverstraat area appeals particularly to the younger and mainstream shopping aficionado, with the occasional high end boutique such as the Maison de Bonneterie adding further interest and colour.

5. Pieter Cornelisz (P.C.) Hoofstraat - The "Old South area"

The Pieter Corneisz (P.C.) Hoofstraat is in the Oud Zuid ( Old South) area of the city and features the luxury end of shopping in Amsterdam - Amongst the wistful window shoppers gazing into the louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel and Cartier outlets ( amongst many others) the serious buyer will find many bargains (a relative term!) here. Always worth a look if only to see how the other half live and shop - maybe one day?

Whilst in the "Old South" it is well worth wandering a little further out, into one of Amsterdam`s nicest and most desirable residential areas - Here you will also find some smart boutiques and stores based around the street locations at VanBaerlestraatBeethovenstraat and Cornelis Schuystraat.

6. The Utrechtsestraat - Eastern canal belt area

The Utrechtsestraat is in the Eastern canal belt area and can best be described as a microcosm of the overall Amsterdam shopping experience - there is a little of everything here, and well worth a visit if time is a little tight. Amongst many retail outlets, there are fine boutiques competing with speciality and local "home" stores for your attention. The area also boasts many excellent little cafes, tapas bars and restaurants.

7. KNSM island - Amsterdam's Eastern harbour area

If you like your shopping experience to reflect whats going on in the present but with a sharp eye view to the future, then the KNSM island Amsterdam shopping experience may well be for you - This recently developed area of former industrial offices and warehouses in Amsterdam`s Eastern harbour area contains some of the cities most trend setting shops covering many aspects of modern design and local innovation

Here are some of our top featured shops for you to visit -

Amsterdam department store

De Bijenkorf - "The Beehive" - is one of the best known and longest established department stores in Amsterdam - a kind of Amsterdam Harrods if you like - An iconic landmark in the city and well worth a visit - click here for more info and location map. 

Amsterdam toy shops

De Beestenwinkel or "the animal store" is one of the favourite Amsterdam toy shops for all children in the age range 2 - 92! - For more info on this cuddly animal heaven and animal themed children`s clothing shop -click here for further details and Google location/street view map. 

boutique shopping in Amsterdam

Le Maison de Bonneterie - One of the top fashion shops in Amsterdam`s popular Kalverstraat area - Check out some of the great deals on some of the world`s top designer brands - click here for more information and location map.

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