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Public Transport System Around Amsterdam

Taxis in Amsterdam

These can be caught at most of the main tourist hubs in central Amsterdam including Dam SquareCentral station, and Leidseplein. It is best that you book taxis in Amsterdam for peak times as hailing taxis on the streets is virtually impossible at the weekends and can be hit or miss on other occasions. For most Amsterdam taxis, expect to pay around 1.8 Euros per kilometre run, with tips in the range of 5-10% being the norm. A surprisingly cheaper, ocassionally quicker and a very "Amsterdam" option would be to hire a pedal powered taxi:- these can carry up to 2 people and are ideally suited to the level terrain and cycle friendly nature of the city.

For details and booking contacts for an Amsterdam airport taxi and shuttle service, including transport for larger parties, please visit the "Amsterdam Transfers & Flights" section of our website

Car hire in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is not a city that is particularly friendly to the private car driver, with driving or parking proving to be next to impossible in the town centre. If the parking problem can be overcome ( hotel car parking availability etc) then getting out of Amsterdam and exploring the countryside, small towns and villages can be an unexpected and delightful adventure. Car hire in Amsterdam is available from Schipol Airport or in the city centre atOvertoom Straat near Vondelpark

Cycling in Amsterdam

People love cycling in Amsterdam, and throughout the Netherlands it`s almost a national obsession. Tourists have the opportunity, through easily accessed and reasonably priced cycle hire, to travel like the locals and its a great way to see the city and beyond. The city transport system has been designed with cycling in mind and the flat terrain is ideal ground on which to travel. The visitor should be aware that theft is a major problem for anyone cycling in Amsterdam and the strongest locks should be fitted on parking. It is also true that the Dutch police are much more likely to book a cyclist for ignoring a red traffic light and other minor traffic offences than their UK counterparts. The cyclist should always be prepared to walk their bikes through some of the busier pedestrianised areas of the city.

Organised bike tours are a great way to take advantage of local expert knowledge and experience the best routes:- Enjoy yourself, and watch out for the tram lines!

Car hire from Hertz

Top car hire deals with "HERTZ"

Click onto "Hertz" - HERE - The market leading Car hire experts have numerous top deals to suit all budgets - Availability from Schipol airport, throughout Amsterdam and beyond

Contact Amsterdam City Taxis

Amsterdam City Taxis - Amsterdamcitytaxi.com

Anytime, any place, anywhere! - Amsterdam City taxis are always available to help with your taxi and transfer requirements - They can be contacted via their telephone switchboard or bookings can be made online - A wide variety of vehicles are available to suit personal and group requirements with comfort and safety being the primary concern - Full details including contact and pricing information are available at -www.amsterdamcitytaxi.com

Bike tours in Amsterdam

Amsterdam cycle hire and tours

Possibly the most bicycle friendly city in Europe - A large chunk of Amsterdam`s population has taken to cycling as their transport/leisure option of first choice - As a result the city`s roads and pathways are geared towards safer cycling. Cycle hire is straightforward and relatively cheap - There is also a wide variety of tours available to book, including tours that combine cycling with special interest topics such as gastronomy, photography and historical exploration - Check out some of the great cycling deals available at "City Discovery" - "HERE" and "Viator" -"HERE"

"Le Seumer" by Van Gogh

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