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The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

The Van Gogh museum in AmsterdamThings to do in Amsterdam - The Van Gogh museum

The Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam hosts the largest body of the artists work to be found anywhere in the world - a fitting tribute, given that he is a very special and favourite son of the Netherlands. The museum also contains many other important and fine pieces by artists of the era, all of which consolidates its position as host to one of the most impressive collections of 19th century art works and history.

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is a relatively young institution ( it opened in 1973) but within this time the collection has grown to 201 painting, 437 drawings, 31 prints and many personal letters and items of memorabilia belonging to the artist - all of these exhibits are on display to members of the public throughout the year. (Please note that for reasons of copyrite etc, the four images of Van Gogh`s works in this section of our site, are not of those exhibited in the Van Gogh Museum of Amsterdam).

Left - "Flowers in a blue Vase"

Below - "Starry night over the Rhone"

Bottom - "Boats of Saintes Maries"

orig Starry Night Over the Rhone by Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh - the man and his life

Vincent Van Gogh was born in 1853 and died only 37 years later. Amazingly all of his works on canvas and paper were carried out over the final ten years of his tragically short life. The prolific and obsessive genius of the man led to the creation of 860 paintings and almost 1200 other drawn and printed works within this short period of activity

Van Gogh stayed in various locations during his painting career including Paris where he studied, met and socialised with many of the finest artists from this golden age in art history. During this period, a turbulent personal life and by his own admission an over fondness for smoking and strong alcohol, helped lead to the rapid advancement of an already entrenched mental health problem. The self mutilation of his ear after a row with his friend (the artist Paul Gauguin) set the stage for the final tragedy when, on July 27th 1880, he shot himself in the chest whilst standing in a wheat field - he died two days later.

Van Gogh died almost penniless and his collection of paintings passed to his brother and closest confidant Theo - his works have since been recognised by critics, governments and the public as some of the greatest ever composed.

orig Boats of Saintes Maries by Van Gogh

The Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam - Admission information

Hours of opening - The Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam is open daily from 10am to 6pm and is also open until 10pm on Fridays. The box office is open daily from 10am to 5.30pm (Friday to 9.30pm). The shop is open daily from 10am -5.45 pm (Friday to 9.45pm). The museum café is open daily from 10am - 5.30pm.

Admission charges are variable ( dependant on group sizes/ age etc) with further information available on the museums web site regarding online purchase of tickets and other matters

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