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Making the choice of where to eat in Amsterdam is not an easy one. The variety and the number of Amsterdam restaurants and cafes to choose from is huge.

Deciding on where to eat in Amsterdam comes down largely to four main choice catagories:- Fine dining is available in some of the best restaurants in Europe including many excellent Internationally themed Restaurants and also the local and traditional options of the Amsterdam Brown cafes and Eetcafes. In addition there is always the option of choosing from the usual wide selection of international brand fast food outlets.

Amsterdam is a compact city made for walking, but specific locations and inclement weather make the use of a reliable local taxi company a sensible option on occasion - For online booking and further information please visit Amsterdam City Taxi - "Here"

The Best Amsterdam Restaurants and Internationally Themed Cuisine

Worldwide the best Amsterdam restaurants have an excellent reputation and are generally very busy epecially at lunch time when they cater for the cities businessmen and their associates.

As usual specific Internationally themed restaurants are very popular and often offer excellent value. When considering where or what to eat in Amsterdam why not try something that uniquely reflects the Dutch colonial past like perhaps an Indonesian restaurant or a "Boer" steak special?

Amsterdam Brown Cafes

The famous Amsterdam brown cafes are the Amsterdam equivalent of the traditional English pub. The typically dark, woodlined, and tobacco stained interiors (hence Brown) are where the locals go to socialise and enjoy the many local varieties of beer and the Dutch gin "Jenever".

Food tends to be of the snack variety such as "hopjes" (pronounced Hob Yuhs). These are the Dutch equivalent of Spanish "tapas". As with the Amsterdam Eetcafes remember to look out for the "happy hour" times during the day or week.

Opening hours tend to finish later than in the UK and some "stamina" may be required to reach the closing bell.

Amsterdam Eetcafes

If your choice of where to eat is biased towards the traditional, then your preferred choice amongst the best restaurants in Amsterdam is likely to be one of the local Amsterdam Eetcafes.

Relaxed and usually casual in atmosphere, most offer simple, traditional and substantial "pub grub" fare with a few having evolved into the Dutch equivalent of the fine "Gastropubs" that we enjoy in the UK.

Many have attractive seated terraces to relax upon and watch the bikes and boats go by. As with the Amsterdam Brown cafes remember to carry cash, as card payments are often not accepted in these typically small establishments.


The following selection of restaurants have been highlighted on the back of excellent reviews from several independent sources - As you would expect all have excellent food on offer with location and atmosphere a further factor with excellent value for money being an important factor in all cases - But please do not take our word for it - why not check out the reviews yourself before booking - We are confident that you will not be disappointed in what you find.


Where to eat in Amsterdam

Restaurant - Cafe In de Waag

In a historic building dating back to 1488 and situated right in the centre of old Amsterdam, the magnificent "Restaurant-Cafe In de Waag" is one of Amsterdam`s best and favourite eating and meeting places. Whether for breakfast, lunch, high tea or evening meal from the a` la carte menu this venue has something for everyone in a tastefully converted setting - Try one of the local cocktails or take part in a Jenever tasting evening -for more information check out "Restaurant Cafe In de Waag" -Click here - Google map location - "Nieuwmarkt 4"

De Duvel Eetcafe

Restaurant De Duvel

A contemporary Amsterdam classic of an Eetcafe the Restaurant De Duvel is situated in the pretty De Pijp area. With an attractive terrace area and an excellent reputation, De Duvel is the dining venue of choice for many - the food is excellent and varied and the restaurant doubles as a popular bar and night time entertainment venue - very popular with locals and visitors alike - first class and generous portions of food in an atmospheric setting ensure the requirement to pre book - located at 1e Van der Helststraat with online booking and further informaton at "De Duvel" - Click here

Eetcafe Van Beeren

The Eetcafe Van Beeren

The Eetcafe Van Beeren is a highly rated traditional Dutch establishment - This brown panelled bar offers top quality food in generous platefulls with possibly more variety than can usually be expected at this kind of small venue - asian and decent vegetarian offerings are often on the reasonably priced menu - The Eetcafe Van Beeren has an attractive garden terrace with dining tables when weather permits. The restaurant is located atKoningsstraat 54 - Reservations and further info at the "Van Beeren" website - Click here

The Nevy restaurant

The Nevy Restaurant

The Nevy restaurant occupies a stunning location with one of the best river views in Amsterdam. The terrace on a fine summer evening is unmissable for all lucky guests. The restaurant specialises in fresh seafood products and delivers them perfectly - Slightly out of the way this venue is perfect for the romantic couple or a special family occasion - google map locationWesterdoksdijk 40D - For full information and online reservation for the "Nevy Restaurant" - please Click here

Restaurant - Pier 10

Restaurant - Pier 10

Pier 10 - "A gem of a restaurant" - and thats just a snippet from one of many great reviews for one of Amsterdams best kept little secrets - Fabulous views over the harbour and great food at reasonable rates. Pier 10 is a small venue in an unlikely location but dont let that put you off - Online booking ( well in advance ) is essential here - Google map location - De Ruyterkade Steiger 10 - For further information On "Pier 10" - Click here with telephone booking at 020 4272310

Balthazars Keuken

Balthazars Keuken

If the words "fine dining" and "casual" suggest a contradiction, then Balthazar`s keuken is that contradiction - Solidly situated in the top 1 - 3% of Amsterdam`s best reviewed eateries - this tiny, atmospheric venue offers excellent food at bargain prices. The fixed menu ( altered daily) unashamedly offers a limited choice, reflecting the focus on fresh and specific local produce - book early or miss out - Google map location - Elandsgracht 108-BG - For further information and online reservation for "Balthazars keuken" - please Click here

Pasta E Basta

Pasta E Basta - Italian restaurant

The Pasta E Basta is a fine Italian restaurant situated conveniently in the very centre of Amsterdam and if it is good food and a fun atmosphere that you are looking for then this is the place for you - Typically loud and sociable, the waiters and wairess`s uniquely entertain diners with song throughout the evening and guess what - some of them aint half bad! - Google map location -Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 8 - For further information and online reservation for Pasta E Basta - Please Click here

Meneer Nilsson

An attractive little restaurant in one of Amsterdam`s most attractive areas. The Meneer Nilsson offers quality food throughout the day and evening - Breakfast is available from 10.30am until 12 when lunch is served - a full dinner menu is available in the evening . The food is Mediteranean in style and includes an ever popular Spanish Tapas Menu from which to choose. The relaxed and casual atmosphere ( magazines and newspapers are on hand) make this venue a firm favourite with locals and those visiting the adjacent Artis Zoo or the gardens at the "Hortus Botanicus" - Google map location - Plantage Kerklaan - with further information and reservation requests at the "Meneer Nilsson" website - Please Click here

"The Restaurant"

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